About CCA

Cambridge Concord Associates (CCA) is a mission-driven consulting practice specializing in strategic planning, governance assessment and design, and one-to-one leadership support and development. 

Each principal of CCA has over twenty years of experience working with colleges and universities and a wide range of nonprofit organizations. We also work with for-profit organizations that are committed to increasing their social impact. We have a strong track record working with organizations, academic societies, foundations, and associations in the fields of education, health, human services, and the arts.

Using our knowledge of strategy, governance, and assessment, we partner with our clients as they:

  • Develop strategic plans that fit their unique needs and will make a difference;

  • Measure the impact of their plans over time and recalibrate as needed; 

  • Assess and evolve their governance systems; 

  • Balance their mission-driven aspirations with available resources; and

  • Address essential and timely challenges as they arise.

CCA principals work comfortably in complex environments. We understand the dynamics of governing boards and councils. We have worked with institutions, associations, community groups, coalitions, networks, and other collaborative entities at various stages of development.

Our ongoing and forward-focused body of work informs our customized approach to helping clients accomplish their goals. We are pleased that many organizations come back to CCA for help with strategic plan renewal, assessment and implementation activities, board and staff development, and leadership retreats. 

Our Mission

Cambridge Concord Associates (CCA) is a mission-driven consulting practice dedicated to enhancing health, education, equity, and civil society by supporting a broad range of international, national, regional, and community organizations and institutions.

Our Values

  • Building strong, trusting partnerships with our clients

  • Ensuring integrity at every level of the planning process, as is essential to producing outcomes that are embraced by all stakeholders

  • Honoring the time and resources of our clients without compromising the quality of the outcomes

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion to create better outcomes

  • Incorporating into every plan, an agreed upon approach for measuring progress over time, and recalibrating as needed


Our Approach

Our approach to planning is comprehensive in nature. We believe that if a plan is to be successful, its core elements — the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities — must be accompanied by strong strategies for governance, organization, and finance.